How much do you love tickling?

This is a quiz for the tickling fans. Tickling is something that I believe the world could never do without. It is an amazing feeling, for both the tickler and the ticklee.

So, do YOU love tickling? If you are, you and I will get along quite well. You'll have a lot of fun taking this quiz, tickle fan or not. Take this test to find out how much of a tickle fan you truly are!

Created by: Lizzie
  1. Do you like to be tickled?
  2. If you were to tickle someone, would you...
  3. Would you tickle your bff?
  4. Would you ever tickle your crush/boyfriend or girlfriend?
  5. You would tickle someone until...
  6. How long do you think about tickling people?
  7. The next few questions won't effect your scores. You prefer tickling...
  8. Think about a time you've tickled someone.
  9. Now, did you enjoy tickling that person?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love tickling?