Tasha tickling you!

This is a quiz all about Tasha! Tasha the tickler some call her! Tasha is a fictional character I made up and she loves tickling! She tickles in many ways, sometimes to cheer people up, sometimes because she just wants to!

My quiz will ask questions and gove out situations to see what you will say or do in them! Answer carefully for they with take part in the answer you get! (PLEASE READ THIS PART) IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE A QUIZ WITH YOU TICKLING TASHA PLEASE SAY "TASHA QUIZ" IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!

Created by: OMG_ItsCoco

  1. How ticklish are you?
  2. Would you want Tasha to be real?
  3. (Imaginary situation) Tasha finds you on your bed and says "Can I tickle you while pinning you down?" What is your response?
  4. Tasha and Nancy (your other friend) want to play tickle chase. (Tickle chase is where one person is the tickler and the other two are the runners and once the tickler has tickled someone they are now the tickler with the original tickler) what do you say?
  5. Would you rather Nancy come round (who loves playful and tickle fights) or Tasha come round (who loves to trap people when they are being tickled and loves using tickling tools)?
  6. Look back at the last question to see Nancy and Tasha's personalities! Which personality is more like yours?
  7. (Imaginary situation) Tasha is asleep. You beg and shout and tell her to wake up but she won't! What do you do?
  8. (Imaginary situation) Tasha wants to tie your feet together and tickle them, do you want her to?
  9. Tasha wants to play a tickle game, which one do you want to play?
  10. Tasha asks "what is your most ticklish spot?" (Please answer honestly)
  11. Nancy is at your house m, she wants to invite Tasha round, what do you say?
  12. (No effect on the quiz) Did you like this quiz?

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