What type of tickler u r

In this world there are lots of great people who know how to tickle people the right way. This test is for those who want to see if they are a tickling genius .

I honestly think that I am a tickling genius which is why I have made this quiz so this way u can test your genuency of how good you are at tickling. Good luck with this quiz guys

Created by: Spencer
  1. Ur up early in the morning your girlfriend is still sleeping but her sexy feet are exposed.
  2. Your girlfriend is teasing you about something and she is exposed in her feet,stomach,and armpits.
  3. You are at the beach for your day off. You see a girl buried in sand with her feet sticking out. What will you do
  4. You and your girlfriend are watching a movie at home. She hands you a feather and tells you to tickle her with it what do u do
  5. You are at your job in the office the secretary makes you mad. Then at break time you see her sleeping in her chair. What do u do
  6. Your daughters best friend knocks looking for her friend when she is not there. You offer to let her In to wait. She is wearing flip flops and has cute feet. What would u do
  7. Your daughter isn't waking up or school and she's still in bed you tell her to wake up but she refuses. She Is real ticklish what do u do
  8. You come home from work the minute your girlfriends friends leave. You walk into the bedroom and find her all tied up In the bed and is completely exposed
  9. What is your favorite tool to tickle with
  10. Your teenage daughter is in the back of the car behind your seat. She won't stop kicking your seat for some reason what will u do
  11. Your girlfriend decide to lie back and put her gorgeous feet on your lap what will u do

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