the tickle house escape

you are a 16 year-old girl named lucy. you are extremely ticklish. it is a dark and stormy night. you find a house to stay in. you see a chair and fall asleep.

you wake up in a bedroom. your almost naked. there's a note. "hello...i'm feather. would you like to play? you must escape my tickling house. but not all decisions you make are right. good luck..." you regret this.

Created by: Joseph

  1. when your barefeet touch the carpet, you recoil. it was so soft, it TICKLED. but you have to get across. how do you do it?
  2. after you get out of the bedroom, you see your in the foyer. there's a door with a note. "make me smile and you may pass." what do you do?
  3. what you did didn't do anything. you decided to come back later. you enter a statue room. one of them looks like it wants a hug. you hug it. then it tickles you with a feather what now?
  4. it tickles you for a while then gives you the feather. you the see two angel statues the rock says "tickle our feet" how long do you?
  5. the 2 thank you. you are given a card. blue red green yellow it said then you have an idea. you tickle the door from earlier. it smiles and you see 2 doors left or right?
  6. you enter to see a freshly-baked cake. you think about leaving it alone. but there's a note. "go ahead. have a bite. and stay ticklish~signed..feather ;3
  7. your stomach suddenly felt bubbly. then kinda tickly. then it really tickled. you laughed out for help but nobody came. but you did find a key. now what?
  8. you enter the other door after the tickles stopped. there is a book titled "50 shades of tickled pink." a note says to read 1 chapter. which one?
  9. after reading and somehow actually being tickled there, you leave. then you unlock a certain door. and there's a mirror. it says it's a passage. how you get in?
  10. you hear a voice after entering. "oh-ho! either your brave, or you want me to tickle your feet." do you run or walk?
  11. the person found you, grabbed a brush, and tickled your own 2 feet so hard and fast. "cootchie coo ticklish one." you passed out and woke up in a metal room. there's a keyhole and cardslider. which do you use?
  12. a door opens. there's a shadow. you follow it. it then turns and you hide. "don't worry. i know your there. i just wanna be your friend." how do you show yourself?
  13. "hi! i'm tickletoes!" he says then he bends down to your feet. "i love to tickle feet. may i please?"
  14. after a 30 second tickling, he leads you to a different room. "this is a feather room. if you want a key from here, put your feet in those 2 holes and just wait for 3 minutes."
  15. your feet are tickled for 3 minutes. you got a key for the front door! what do you say to tickletoes?
  16. there's a note. "can you escape my tickle wind?" it was obviously feather again. you fell MEGA ticklish! run out or sprint?
  17. almost there! you see the door! which keyhole do you use the key in?

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