How ticklish are you

Have you ever wondered how ticklish you are. Maybe you hate being tickled because every time you pee your pants. Or you like it because it's fun. Well for whatever reason I'm here to help😇

This quiz will see how ticklish your are by answering questions. Are you extremely ticklish, very ticklish, semi ticklish, not really ticklish, or not ticklish. Find out now!

Created by: Kyra
  1. First question..........obviously...... are you ticklish
  2. Next question on a scale from 1 to 10, one being not ticklish to 10 being extremely, how ticklish are you
  3. How many tickle spots do you have
  4. Your friends all ganged up on you and are tickling you mercilessly you are.....
  5. Are you usually the tickler or the victim?
  6. Your boyfriend( or girlfriend) is trying to cheer you up and starts tickling you, after he or she is done you....
  7. Your teacher (this example is totally fake) is your stepmother. You're texting in her class and instead of taking your phone, she calls you up to the front of the class as starts tickling you. You say.....
  8. You are spy and an enemy spy is trying to to make you tell information, he decides he's going to tickle you,you don't want him to tickle you in your weak spot you're....
  9. Uh Ohhhhhhh!!! You accidentally said your tickle weak spot out loud!!! The enemy spy heard you and now is tickling you there until you spill the information. How long will you last until you break.
  10. After you spill, the enemy spy wants to have more fun with you, so he tells one of his goons to tickle you some more. You would say...
  11. What do you do when your being tickled too much
  12. Last question Your watching an educational video at school. A strict substitute teacher says everyone to be quiet. Your friends pull a prank on you by tickling your weak spot mercilessly from behind. you.....

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