Women over 25 are you still Ticklish?

Being tickled is something we usually associate with our childhood..but as we get older we seemingly are still very ticklish (even though in some cases we hesitate to admit it)..It may be kinda fun as a child but as an adult we have mixed feelings about it, and in some cases we are still super ticklish...

Women are you over 25 and still suffer (or enjoy) from being extremely ticklish...do you think you are just as bad as you were when you were a kid...or even worse...take this quiz and see how you fair..

Created by: Sterling

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  1. How ticklish are you on a scale of 1 to 10? (with 10 being the highest)
  2. Where are you most ticklish?
  3. I try to avoid being tickled on my ___________ at all costs?
  4. I am so Ticklish I would be at the mercy of an 8 year old Child
  5. Being Tickled...
  6. When I am tickled I..
  7. My Most Memorable Tickling Experiences are...
  8. If anyone ever tickled my____________ I would be completely helpless
  9. Even over the age of 25 I feel just as ticklish as when I was a child...(maybe More)
  10. Even over the age of 25 friends/family still tickle me constantly...and I still am so defenseless
  11. I believe I am the most Ticklish person of all my family and friends

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Quiz topic: Women over 25 am I still Ticklish?