The tickle dungeon (pt 1)

this is the story of a 15-year old girl named maria. she is really ticklish. she is told that she will go on a grand adventure. she believes it. and she will try to be nice during it.

(you're her) you go to a tall abandoned tower. she heard that it has been closed for 10 years. she then hears her own laugh. and then she is knocked unconscious. it's time for a ticklish journey! but can you be nice during it?

Created by: joseph
  1. when you wake up you find out your sandals are missing. there are 2 buttons. left or right? choose wisely.
  2. a door opens, and a bat swoops at you. how do you respond to this bat?
  3. the bat actually looks cute. it seems to like you. what now?
  4. the bat licks your exposed belly. you start giggling. then it licks more and more....IT'S A TICKLE BAT! GET IT OFF!!!!!
  5. the bat keeps licking. at this point you're laughing nonstop. how can you escape this somewhat fun tickle torture?
  6. the bat flies off. you walk down a hallway. you see little bits of fuzz crawl up to your.....feet? oh no.....THEY WANNA TICKLE YOU TOO! but your feet are the most ticklish feet EVER! stop them!
  7. you trip and then the fuzz crawls up and down your soles and between your sensitive toes. you howl with ticklish agony. call out for someone.
  8. the fuzz crawls away. did they not like your yell? meh. you see a dog run up 5 minutes later. what do you do?
  9. the dog looks like it wants to lick your feet. you say "ok little doggy! i'll let you tickle my feet. but only for...."
  10. the dog obeys and licks for that amount of time. afterwards it licks your face and runs off. you smile. 3 minutes later some taps your shoulder.
  11. you see a blue hand. multiple of them! they hop on and tickle your belly, feet armpits, sides, belly button, and toes. how do you get them off?
  12. they crawl off, but one is still on your belly. it points up. there's a message. it says "kusuguru" do you think it will be useful later on?
  13. the hand crawls away. you notice a feather shaped carving in the wall. you relize this is a tickle dungeon. you don't mind though. you think this will be...
  14. you hear a giggle. you follow it and see a little girl. "hi! i'm lucinda! i like your feet! i wanna tickle em! please?!" you say yes. how can she do it?
  15. lucinda tickles your feet the way you said she could. then she paints your toenails pink because she thought you would look cuter with them. you say,
  16. lucinda kisses you and leaves. you keep walking. there's a message "watch out for the tickle golems. they show no mercy." are you worried?
  17. there's a rumble. 2 stone monsters appear. one grabs you, and the other tickles your feet mercilessly. mabye if you talk to them, they'll talk back. say something!
  18. the monsters talk to you, but still tickle your feet. they say that they find you cute. they ask which spot on your feet is most ticklish. it's your arches. tell them if they should do it.
  19. after a long time they actually stop. they tell you to stay ticklish. how do you respond?
  20. you find a stone seat. you sit in it. your arms and legs are held in place. your feet are tickled by 2 concrete hands. escape?
  21. you manage to escape. you discover a little fairy is in your belly button. it tickle you. you decided to name it...
  22. the wall opens! you escaped the stone area! you feel this is only the beginning. are you ready?

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