the tickle dungeon (pt 2)

this is a story about maria, who discovers a tower and soon finds out it's a tickle dungeon. she will go on this journey, while being nice to all the creatures she meets.

so far she has cleared a stone floor. now she found herself a factory looking place. there are robots everywhere. she is prepared for what she will have to endure.

Created by: joseph
  1. as you enter this metal room, a robot comes at you. "STATE YOUR BUISNESS."
  2. the robot scans you. "YOU ARE FILTHY. YOU MUST BE DECONTAMINATED." he takes you to a tub. "GET IN"
  3. another robot comes out. "it's scrub time!" it scrubs your belly with a sponge. it tickles like crazy. you say....
  4. the robot finished scrubbing after 2 minutes. it grabbed a bottle of soap a poured it in it's hand. it spread it across your feet. what do you think it's doing?
  5. the robot finished rubbing with soap. then after it soaks in the rob gently tickles your soft feet. you start laughing. tell it to stop,
  6. the robot takes you to a tube. the tube is full of white bubbly water. a pipe comes out of it. it attaches to your tummy.
  7. "it's going to make your belly chubby. not too much though. we thought it would make you look cute." you ok it. after it does this you say,
  8. you find a brush that's attached to a robot arm. you take the brush. it's marked: tickle queen.
  9. another robot grabs your leg. "i will tickle your foot. i want you to laugh into this mic. can you do that?"
  10. you laugh into the microphone. you decided to do something cool as well. you sang a song while laughing. the robot enjoyed that. "a wonderful song"
  11. the robot asks if you can make up a song of your own. and if it can revolve around tickling. you reply with,
  12. when you finsh the song the robot says "keep being nice for us. and i promise everyone here will be your friend." you reply with ok,
  13. a tiny scubber bot looks at you. "i'm cootchie!" he tickles your arches. "this is how i say i love you"
  14. cootchie says the way out is by a keypad. the code was 'tickle in japanese' "you know what that means right?"
  15. you find the keypad. you type kusuguru. a door opens. can you handle what's coming up next?

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