How Much Do You Like to Tickle People

How much do you like to tickle other people? This quiz will tell you that from what you choose as your answers. The answer might surprise you.

Created by: Bob
  1. You see a person tied to a bed, with tickling tools beside her/him. She/he looks very unhappy. You -
  2. A stranger asks you to tickle them. Do you do so?
  3. Your best friend asks you to tickle her/him. Do you do so?
  4. Someone you have a crush on asks you to tickle her/him. Do you do so?
  5. When you are tickling someone, you _______
  6. When you tickle someone, do you _______
  7. (Does not affect outcome) Which gender to you prefer to tickle?
  8. (No affect on outcome) Do you prefer to tickle someone older, younger, or approximately same age as you?
  9. (Affects outcome) If someone who extremely hates being tickled is tied to a bed, with tickling instruments beside her/him, do you?
  10. On a scale of 1-5, how much would you rate your obsession with tickling? (5 - absolutely requires tickling to stay alive, 1- Absolutely hates it. 3 is neutral.)
  11. Do you want the person being tickled to be ______

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Like to Tickle People