Your life of tickling..

There are alot of ticklish people but some are not ticklish at all.While some people are too ticklish to know it.A ticklish person may be embarrased when they are tickled but its no big deal.Even i am very ticklish.Have a nice life. :):):)

Are you ticklish?Do you think you arent ticklish?Or you do not know?Thanks to this you can find that out!You just have to answer a few questions and you'll know all about it!

Created by: Rania
  1. Are you ticklish?
  2. Are some of your friends ticklish?
  3. Do a lot of people tickle you?
  4. Do you tickle a lot of people?
  5. Where is your most ticklish spot??
  6. Continiuation of question no:6.
  7. No:6 again.
  8. Do you like it when someone tickles you?
  9. Do people sneak behind you and grab u and tickle you to death?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: My life of tickling..