Are You Ticklish?

Hello every body, today you would be taking the "Are you ticklish" quize. This is a quiz that tells you how ticklish you are. There are three results in total.

The quize has ten questions in total. they will be all about you being tickled. you have to choose your answer and click on the circle. once you have done that to all the questions i asked you, hit the submit button and see your results.Enjoy!

Created by: Melody
  1. If someone tickles you what will you do?
  2. From a scale of one to ten, how ticklish do you think you are?
  3. How long can you last while your hands are above your head, and feet tied together and streched out while your friends tickle your feet, ribs,back of your knee, sides, belly and armpit?(without laughing, squirming or giggling)
  4. wich is your sensitive spot
  5. Tickle tickle the Tickle monsters here
  6. Did you like this quize ? ( Im holding a feather)
  7. hi
  8. That poppy (you can serch her on youtube)
  9. ASMR
  10. Poke

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Quiz topic: Am I Ticklish?

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