How ticklish are you?

This quiz works out how ticklish you are from the following answers be prepared to answer honestly and if you lie someone will come and tickle you when you’re not paying attention.

Thanks for choosing my quiz, I hope you have fun with this and if you do think you’re ticklish don’t let your Friends see this or you might get tickled half to death

Created by: Jack

  1. Firstly, are you ticklish?
  2. Where are you most ticklish
  3. On a scale of 1-10 how ticklish are you
  4. On a scale of 1-10 how ticklish are you in your most ticklish spot?
  5. Picture this: You’re at your friends house and all of a sudden both of your friends jump on you and start tickling your weak spot, how would you react?
  6. Picture this: You have really annoyed one of your friends and instead of hating you decide that you can redeem yourself by being tickled, the more time you do and where you do it the better. What would you do:
  7. Picture this: You’re in a swimsuit and your best friend grabs you, they take you to their house, tie you up and tickle you in your weak spot. How long until you’re begging for mercy or crying
  8. The meaner you are of a tickled shows how ticklish you are. Picture this: your girlfriend is really ticklish and hates being tickled however you love tickling people. She lets you tickle her once but doesn’t specify amount of time, how long will you do it for?
  9. Picture this: you sit with your bare feet out in front of a friend that likes tickling, they grab your feet and hold them tight tickling them. How long do you last and how hard do you kick?
  10. How ticklish are your feet 1-8
  11. How ticklish is your sides and belly
  12. How ticklish is your neck
  13. How ticklish are you everywhere else?

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Quiz topic: How ticklish am I?