Let Me Tell Your Fortune!

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Hiya! Remember those little paper fortune tellers, with colors on the outside and numbers or words on the inside? Those were pretty fun, weren't they?

Well, now you don't have to make one. Or even find someone in real life who's made one! Take my online fortune teller quiz, with 1000% accurate results. (Notice: Information provided in description paragraphs may or may not be accurate.)

Created by: amazon

  1. Hey there! You may remember the concept behind origami fortune tellers. I hope you do, because I have one right here, in this quiz!
  2. But since I only have six slots, there will be only six options.
  3. Okay! Pick a color!
  4. *spells the name of the color you chose, then holds the fortune teller open so you can select a number* Pick a number, please!
  5. *flips fortune teller according to the number you chose* Another number, please!
  6. *flips fortune teller once again to the number you chose* Okay, one last number!

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Quiz topic: Let Me Tell my Fortune!