How will you die?

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Many people want to know how they die in the future. But there aren't many resources out there to predict how they will die, well unless they go to a fortune teller.

Just remember that this quiz is not totally accurate, because I am not a fortune teller or anything like that. So dont trust this quiz! Lol just do the quiz anyway.

Created by: Mistyraindrops of The Enchanted Forest
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  1. So this is a quiz that will determine how you will die.
  2. Just remember that this quiz is probably not accurate.
  3. How often do you exercise?
  4. Are you happy with your life?
  5. What is your favourite colour?
  6. How much sleep do you get approximately?
  7. How do you think you will die?
  8. Do you see shady looking guys around?
  9. Bye
  10. Remember, the results aren't accurate.

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Quiz topic: How will I die?