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Some days, while laying in bed, you stare up at the ceiling and wonder, "What will happen next?" and,"What will I do about it?" Well, those ever so bothersome questions will most likely be answered in this quiz! Learn your fortune now!

I hope you like this quiz! Answer honestly for true fortunes! Please remember that these are only made up fortunes, and therefore may not be true. They are just to laugh about and have fun with, though the advice part of it should help you!

Created by: thestralblade

  1. Do you wish to find true love?
  2. How often do you have fun?
  3. Do you read often?
  4. How much do you rely on technology?
  5. Are you in a bad time right now?
  6. Do you worry a lot?
  7. How smart do you see yourself?
  8. Choose a color:
  9. Choose a number:
  10. How are you feeling?

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