Wanna know your fortune?

Do you believe in fortune telling? Some people don't, and that is understandable. Some things are just too hard to explain, and that's okay, because there is always one person who will understand. And there are people who believe in fortune telling, and things like karma, or reincarnation.

Are you one of those people who believe? Take this test and find out how long you'll live, how much money you'll have in the future, and much more. This may change your opinion and perspective, so you might wanna think twice before answering these, unpredictably suspenseful questions.

Created by: MidnightMare247 of MidnightMare247
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  1. Before we begin, how interesting do you think this quiz will be?
  2. Look at your writing hand. Look at the first line on your hand (the straight, top one). How long is it?
  3. Okay, now look at your writing hand again. Look at the second line (the curvy one at the bottom). How long is it?
  4. Do you have any noticeable big lines going through the second and first lines of your palm?
  5. If you answered "No" for the last question, than skip this question and skip the next question. How many lines do you have going through your first and second lines on your writing hand?
  6. How long are MOST of them?
  7. Okay, enough with the hands. Squeeze your eyes as tight as you can for about thirty seconds. Open your eyes, and tell me what you saw.
  8. Okay, now squeeze your eyes shut as hard as you can again for about five seconds. Did you hear something? If so, what did it sound like?
  9. When you squeezed your eyes shut for thirty seconds, then open them. Did your vision get blurry, and did you feel dizzy?
  10. Stare at something bright, like a light bulb, or the sun. Stare at it for thirty seconds. Then, look away. Did you see a blurry color spot? If so, what color was it?
  11. Okay, this is the last question. Get up, look across from yourself. If you can, stand up, and go across the room, then come back. Did you walk or run?

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