Are you a Movie-Lover?

There are many movies out there. Have you seen them all? Well, probably not because that is like, impossible. But would you like to see them all??????

Have you ever considered yourself a movie-lover or Could you Care less? Take this quiz to find out!!!!

Created by: amazon

  1. A sequel to your FAVOURITE MOVIE is out and it's suppose to have really good ratings. But the movie starts are 12 AM and your curfew is 11:30. What do you do?
  2. One of your favourite movies is on American Netflix, but you have Canadian Netflix! What do you do?
  3. Okay, here is the easy question. How often do you watch movies?
  4. Another easy question. Do you have Netflix?
  5. Did you like the movie Avengers?
  6. Did you ever go to the movies and not be pleased with the movie?
  7. About how many movies do you watch a month?
  8. How is this quiz so far? :)
  9. Sorry for the feedback question. Okay back to the real questions. Would you buy a movie on DVD?
  10. Your favourite movie is a:
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz? :)

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Quiz topic: Am I a Movie-Lover?