are you all about that base?*

Do u think your all about that base ?? Well find out !!* you'll have no doubt when u come here !! Thanks for visitinf mak sure u come back for more of our quizzez thanks !

I can bet u R500 that your all about that base !!!! Come try the quiz out and get rappit results ! Enjoy taking thee quiz ! And make sure you come back for more !!

Created by: amazon

  1. Do you like the song "cause u know I'm all about that base"?
  2. Do you like inspriational songs ?
  3. Do you listen to songs all over again just because the words is meaningfull ?
  4. Do u like this quiz because its about "base"??
  5. What are u doing now ?
  6. What's the colour of your eyes ?
  7. What colour is your hair
  8. Do u like horrors ?
  9. Finish the song "yeah my moma she told me don't worry about your ______"...
  10. Did u liked this quiz?
  11. Are you sure..??
  12. Do u like the movie twighlight?

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Quiz topic: Am I all about that base?*