Much Ado About Nothing

This quiz is base off a book that is written by Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing". This test will see if you understand Act ii. Its just only base on Act ii.

Do you think you can manage this test. Do you think your qualified for this test. Lets see if your a genius. Challenge yourself. wish you all the luck you need.`

Created by: Brad

  1. Who was gonna marry Hero?
  2. What is Beatrice's description of the perfect man?
  3. Beatrice never believe in ________.
  4. Who said "No, I won't take a husband until they make men out of something other than dirt"?
  5. What did stuff man mean?
  6. Borachio,Your brother's right-hand man. Don John Who? The most exquisite ________?
  7. Who did Benedick thought loved him?
  8. Who Balthasar wish that they liked him?
  9. Who did they called the count?
  10. How do Don Pedro and his men convince Benedick that Beatrice is in love with him?

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