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Hello! I have decided to make this quiz for fun, featuring my art as the result pictures The first one is a base by litle-monkey on deviantart called "MLP FiM: Celestia base 2"

I have tons and tons and tons of OCs, and my own open species(I didn't have anything else to say, they wanted me to have a second paragraph and IDK why)

Created by: Jayce/Mawai
  1. What is your race?
  2. What is your job/talent?
  3. Color scheme?
  4. If someone gives you *constructive* criticism, what do you do?
  5. What is your relation with canon characters?
  6. Is your OC immortal?
  7. What is your percent ratio of good/bad traits? (G/B format)
  8. Is your oc malicious/aggressive/"evil" or depressed?
  9. What sort of things does your oc know?
  10. Is your oc in a following group?
  11. Last question, In your opinion, is this OC a mary sue?

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