Where Do You Hit In The Baseball Lineup

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Created by: Beazer

  1. How Tall Are You
  2. How Much Power Do You Have 1 Low 5 High
  3. How Good Are You At Hitting For Contact
  4. Are You A Power Guy Or Contact Guy
  5. Are You Fast
  6. How Good Are You At Stealing Bases
  7. How Much Are You Dedicated To Baseball
  8. How Much Do You Like To Hit
  9. How Much Batting Practice Do You Get
  10. How Do You Do In School
  11. Are You Scared To Hit
  12. How Old Are You
  13. What Gender Are You
  14. What Is Your Batting Avg Around
  15. How Much Home Runs Would You Hit In A 162 Game Season
  16. Do You Cheat

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Quiz topic: Where do I Hit In The Baseball Lineup