A good bad romance! pt.9

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This part 9! I hope you like it! Sorry that I didn't put the image on the other one\ I didn't know that it wasn't on there until I finalized! Oops! I hoped you forgiven me! If you haven't then it's okay!

Here are a list of songs you might lile of you are like me: Monster ball:Butcher Babies Thrown away:Butcher Babies North of corpus:Last 10 seconds of life Last but not least: They're coming to take me away! Haa Ha!:Butcher Babies Hope you like them!

Created by: Story teen girl

  1. Then Michelle put a toothpick in the cupcakes. Nothing came out. So Mary went to get Brian during Michelle got Matthew, Brian then said,"Are the cupcakes done?"
  2. Mary said,"Yes." Then Brian turned off his Xbox360. Then he went up to her and hugged her. She didn't know what to do. So she wrapped her arms around him.
  3. Then he kissed her cheek. Then he held her hand to the kitchen. They talked about Fred the bully. Then Michelle said,"Is Fred the one that gave you a wedgie so big that you had trouble walking?" Brian said,"Yes."
  4. Then Mary ate her cupcake. Brian held her hand. She put her other hand on his knee. Then they went to his room. They soon looked in each others eyes. They layed down on the bed and looked in each others eyes.
  5. Then Mary tilted her head. Then one of his parents said,"Bedtime! Mary we need your help." Then Mary went to the living room. She helped them move the table and the cushions.
  6. Then they put out the bed. They handed her a new blanket and one of the couch throw pillows. She went to bed. She fell asleep fast. Then Brian couldn't sleep. So he turned his TV down low and watched the rest of Antman.
  7. Then the movie was over. So he tried to go to sleep,but he couldn't. So he got out of bed and tiptoed to the kitchen. He grabbed a cup and a jug of water. Then he caught a sight of Mary drooling.
  8. He thought,"She's so pretty." So he drunk the cup of water and put the cup on the sink. Then he looked both ways. Then he went on the other side on the bed.
  9. He slowly and silently pull the cover up. He carefully slid in the bed. Then he held Mary. He then quickly fell asleep. He dreamed that him and Mary finally kissed.
  10. Then morning came. He opened his eyes and saw Mary still asleep. He quickly and carefully got off the bed and went to his. Then his mother woke up and woke Mattew up.
  11. Then she woke Brian up. Brian woke up and smiled, Then Mary woke up on her own. Then Michelle cooked breakfast. During she was cooking Mary and Brian were in his room cuddling.
  12. They were talking about their dreams. Brian lied and said,"I had a dream that we were eagles." Then breakfast was ready so they went in the kitchen. Mary tripped and fell over a shoe,
  13. Mary blushed and looked down. Brian grabbed her hand and helped her up. She then smiled. Brian looked in her smile. He said,"Your beautiful." Mary said,"Thank you."
  14. Then they ate breakfast. After breakfast they were all in the living room. Then Moby was crying. Then Brian and Mary looked in each others eyes. Then they tilted their heads and puckered their lips. Then they leaned in and kissed. Then the parents looked at them. Once they were done they clapped and the baby was finally quiet.
  15. Cliff-hanger!

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