A good bad romance! pt.15

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This is part 15. I got 1 more to make. I hoped you liked this story. I hope you read the first 14 parts! I hope you rate at least one star on each one.

It's almost over! This is so sad! I'm going to make another story after this one. I got one more part to make! I'm sad because of it. I hoped you were my teenie from the start.

Created by: Story teen girl
  1. Then Mary hummed Jingle bells. Then Brian said,"Mary,can you come here for a minute." So she stopped sowing and went to the tree. Brian handed her something he made for her.
  2. It was rolled up. She said,"Brian do you want me to open ot now?" Brian said,"Yes." So Mary unrolled it. It was the huge plus sighn he made during art. Then Mary said,"Brian what do you want for christmas?"
  3. Brian kissed her. She made her tongue go in his mouth. They stopped and hugged. Then Brian said,"I already got it. I got you and soon we are getting married."
  4. Then Mary went to get the roses. She pricked her finger and started to bleed.Brian said,"Mary are you OK?" Mary turned around and nodded her head.
  5. Then they ate breakfast. On her way to the table Mary fell on her stomach. She screamed in pain and started to cry. She said,"I'm going into labor! The lord grew the baby too fast."
  6. Then they rushed her to the hospital. She cried the whole way there. They reached the hospital and put her in her room. Brian was by her side holding her hand.
  7. Then she went into labor. She pushed and yelled. Then the baby was born. She kissed Brian. Then the nurse came in. She said,"It's a girl. Congratulations." Then the nurse handed Brian the baby.
  8. Brian said,"Hi Angel. Hi welcome to earth." Then he handed Mary the baby. The baby didn't cry or didn't yell. It just smiled and laughed. Mary said."Brian the fall."
  9. Then Michelle and Matthew came in. They each held the baby. They said,"Why won't it cry?" Mary said,"I don't know." So they took a picture. The doctor said,"She will come home in two hours."
  10. Them Mary filled the birth certificate. Then they sent her home. She carried the baby. Michelle said,"I want to give her a gift." Then she handed Mary a children Bible.
  11. Mary said,"Thank you!" Then Brian and her packed their stuff. Mary said,"We have to leave now. Angel Lio told me." So they hugged Matthew and Michelle and grabbed their bags.
  12. Cliff-hanger!

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