Will you be a werewolf?

How close will you be to becoming a werewolf so take this quiz and find out it will be a tricky one though so take figure out and despite your enemies you are awesome!

you have had this power since birth if you get a 100 so take the quiz figure out your true power that is what I did and have did since my birth so be like me my brother.

Created by: amazon

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  1. Where would you sleep on a saturday night?
  2. you are stranded in the woods with nothing but a bow and arrow what do you do?!?!?
  3. you are out of arrows and need more fire wood what do you do
  4. you have seen wolves what do you do?
  5. you are back home but naked do you care?
  6. you have discovered that you left your wallet in the woods do you go back?(bravery)
  7. if you have found the wallet you are a good person do you care?
  8. if you have not found the wallet you are a bad person do you care?
  9. yo get married and have a child which of these names would you like best?
  10. last question,would you rather have this power or not?

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Quiz topic: Will I be a werewolf?