how to tell if you are a werewolf

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there are few werewolf people and more every day people. what is a werewolf? a werewolf is a person that turns into a werewolf and human and a werewolf is a wolf that walks on TWO FEET! and hunts in more of a secret way

are you a werewolf? do you have the high sense of smell like a werewolf? until right now you wonder if you are exepted inside the werewolf way of life...

Created by: wolf22933
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like playing in mud?
  2. what is your favriot animal?
  3. what is your favriot out of the following?
  4. do you like hunting?
  5. this is almost over!
  6. do you like the smell of fresh killed meat?
  7. do people say you smell like a wolf?
  8. what kind of animal is weird to you?
  9. ok im running our of ideas!!!
  10. last question! do you like food?

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