Are you a werewolf

this quiz is testing if you are a werewolf or not do you get high during a full moon well then you might be a werewolf if you don't believe in werewolfs im not forcing you to believe but i just made this quiz for peoples entertainment

and you are one of the the lucky people to run across this quiz if you always in your life wanted to be a werewolf so you are very lucky to run across this quiz so i hope you like this quiz

Created by: Alex

  1. Were you born on a friday?
  2. Are you hairy?
  3. Are you strong?
  4. Do you have sharp teeth?
  5. When do you usually fall asleep
  6. Wich best describes you?
  7. Do you think your a werewolf?
  8. Do you feel high during a full moon?
  9. Do you hate vampires?
  10. If you were threatened you would...

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Quiz topic: Am I a werewolf