Are You A Vampire Or A Werewolf?

There are so many people out there who may sometimes ask "Would I be a VAMPIRE or a WEREWOLF?" What is a VAMPIRE or a WEREWOLF? A Vampire is a blood drinking, sparkling, good looking, golden eyes, and can live forever. A Werewolf is a protecting, lovable half human half wolf, and love living in the woods.

Are You A Vampire Or A Werewolf? Do you want to know if you would be a blood drinking vampire or a protective lovable werewolf? Until now you wondered all the time which one you are. But thanks to my quiz you can find out in just a few minutes.

Created by: amazon
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Which food would you eat?
  3. Do you like the sun or moon?
  4. What do you do in your spare time?
  5. Do you like being outside or inside?
  6. Which drink would you drink?
  7. Do you like hanging out with your friends or being alone?
  8. Does you skin feel COLD or HOt?
  9. Do you want to be the same age forever or would you want to die when your old?
  10. WOuld you drive a FAST CAR or a SLOW CAR?
  11. How fast would you like to go?
  12. If you were in a battle what kind of weapon would you use?
  13. Which smell would you like on someone?
  14. Would you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
  15. Where would you want to live?
  16. Would you like to be in a dark place or in a sunny place?
  17. Ir you were a vampire what kind of abilities would you like?
  18. Would you like to celebrate your birthday?
  19. Would you want to stay with your family if you were a werewolf or a vampire?
  20. Would you drink animal blood or human blood?
  21. Which eye color would you prefer?
  22. If you were a VAMPIRE or a WEREWOLF would you go to hell?
  23. If something beautiful caught your eyes what would it be?

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