Are you an Other?

If you ever felt special or alone this quiz is for you. Based on a book, this quiz will tell if you are great magician,werewolf or a shapeshifter.

Are still here nerd?!! Go ahead and take this great quiz now!! you will be surprised at the end (or not). Also this quiz is great for vampire fans(I hate you).

Created by: this is not my name

  1. Did you feel lucky?(i.e. you turn on the radio and hear you favorite song)
  2. Do you set curses on people?
  3. How are you most of the time?
  4. what element do you like
  5. do you feel wild once a month?
  6. what would you like?
  7. Do you see 11:11 or 1:11?
  8. do you dream of grey space?
  9. do you feel a call or a pull?
  10. do you hate alcoholic drinks or strong scents?
  11. Are you a good singer/dancer/enertainer?
  12. can you kill a person?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Other?