What is your COLA power (the shapeshifter)

Have you ever wanted a supernatural power/ability? Yes, you have, we all have. But which power would be yours? Complete my awesome quiz to find out. Good luck!

This quiz is based on the "The Shapeshifter" book series by Ali Sparkes. I highly recommend this series. Everyone will like it. Especially Harry Potter fans (like me). I might even say it is BETTER than Harry Potter!

Created by: Amelia

  1. You get picked on by a bully. Do you:
  2. There is a best powers contest. Will you enter?
  3. A reasonably powerful friend challenges you to a duel. Your response...
  4. You're powers are physical or mental.
  5. Do you like your power
  6. What name do you like the best (If not right gender just imagine you're that gender;))
  7. Is your personality:
  8. What is your biggest wish
  9. What colour best represents your personality?
  10. What is cool:

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Quiz topic: What is my COLA power (the shapeshifter)