Which will you love Vampire,Werewolf,or Dragon

So hey sorry if it sucks because this is my first quiz and I did at like 5am with no sleep at all but hey so let me know what you think in the comments section.

so ok sorry again so tell me what you think comment rate and tell me if I should make part 2 it should be better next time any way enjoy and sorry about my sucky cliffhanger

Created by: Duskmoon15

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  1. BEEP!BEEP!BEE- BAM! you bring your hand down on your alarm clock as hard as you can and drag yourself out of bed to get dressed you wear.
  2. You run down stairs and say morning to your aunt Diane. "Hey ____ how are you this morning!" she asks you. "I'm find thanks" you say walking out the door going to her car. On your way to school you think about.
  3. Your aunt drives up to the front of the school you hug her and walk inside to the front office.
  4. You walk into the front office and see a woman at a desk you walk up to the desk and asked her for your schedule. She hands you your schedule and you see that you have science first.
  5. You try to find your locker for about 10 min when you finally find it you open it and get your books out and head to class, but you can't find it. You keep repeating the room number over and over.
  6. Your about to give up when you bump into someone. You look up startled and realize its a boy. He has brown hair the covers his eyes so you can't see them.
  7. He helps you stand back up and asks. "why are you out of class!!" he seemed to have a angered voice. "umm I am new and can't find my class and umm, yea."
  8. "Whats the room number" he asks in his angered voice. You answer "It's uh.. 342." he points to a door you walk to it and turn around when you look back he is gone.
  9. You walk in and all attention turns to you and the teacher looks at you disappointed and says "Class this is ____ and you hear some people say hey or hi
  10. "____ why don't you go sit in the seat in the back wherever you like. As you walk to the back you see a boy staring at you so you sit next to him.
  11. When class ends you run out of class and CLIFFHANGER!!! WOOT WOOT

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Quiz topic: Which will I love Vampire,Werewolf,or Dragon