Will you get your Valentine? (2014 quiz)

Valentines day is when people usually confess feelings they have for others, or give gifts and presents for that someone. Valentines day is an event which happens on the 14th February.

Do you have a valentine you'd want to give? Do you have a crush but you are too shy to confess? This quiz includes questions on that persons point of view and includes tips and advice on what to do!

Created by: amazon
  1. First of all, how well do you know eachother?
  2. Are you Friends, Best friends or are the an Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend of yours?
  3. How often do you speak to eachother?
  4. This question is quite important in a quiz like this- Do they know you?
  5. When you are talking to them, how to they respond? What is there body language like towards you?
  6. How does this person act towards you? Do they smile when they look/ see you, or seem at least mildly interested in what you have to say?
  7. If you catch them looking at you from a distance, how do they act and react?
  8. Does it seem like this person is beginning to text you more/talk to you on a social network?
  9. Have you notice them giving you some gifts, any of their belongings etc?
  10. Have you noticed them acting flirtious or saying flirtious comments. Some people tease and taunt people to show they like someome sometimes, so that counts!
  11. Do you notice that they get out of their way to speak to you? If so, how do they do this?

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Quiz topic: Will I get my Valentine? (2014 quiz)