The ultimate Spongebob quiz

I really hate typing descriptions for the quizzes I make, so don't be mad that I put this junk... I really don't know what else to put. I'll just copy and paste this to other sections. Made on 01-18-2014.

Hello. So, I couldn't get away with just copying and pasting, but I'll try it for number 3... Because I batman... Well, I hope you like (or liked) my quiz. I'll try to put up a more challenging one.

Created by: Alexander Williams

  1. What color is SpongeBob?
  2. What is SpongeBob's last name?
  3. What does SpongeBob say is big, scary, and pink? (Note: There was an episode about this.)
  4. What does sandy say is big, scary, and pink?
  5. What is the episode called where SpongeBob and Patrick curse and tell on each other?
  6. How much does a Krabby Patty cost on Wednesday? (Note: there was an episode about this.)
  7. When SpongeBob and Patrick were raising their clam, how many times TOTAL did the guy on TV get hit in the head with a coconut?
  8. How much money did the flying Dutchman offer for SpongeBob's soul?
  9. What is SpongeBob's favorite color? (Note: there was an episode about this.)
  10. What made SpongeBob and Patrick bust out laughing when they were in class together in boating school?
  11. how many days did Squidward and his band get to practice before the bubble bowl?
  12. How much money did SpongeBob have to pay Mr. Krabs to work at the Krusty Krab?
  13. What was grandpa SquarePants right about? (Note: there was an episode about this.)
  14. Who's just like a genie?
  15. Where do genius live? (Note: there was an episode about this.)
  16. Where does Patrick live?
  17. What is Patrick's name not? (He yells his name's not this in an episode.)
  18. Where is GirlyTeenGirl from?
  19. Is SpongeBob a kid

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