Who is your Valentine?

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There are many people who need a valentine to make them feel good and less lonely. what is valentines day? it's a day to have fun and show love to your true love.

If you celebrate valentines day. take this quiz, you'll never who is your celeb valentine for the day unless you take this insanely brilliant quiz!!!!

Created by: Tyena

  1. who makes you happy?
  2. who would you date from the gorillaz?
  3. What would you give your valentine?
  4. Are you hungry?
  5. who ruins your special moment?
  6. what is a perfect dessert?
  7. who are you interested in?
  8. what music genre suits valentines day?
  9. which food do you like that contains chocolate?
  10. Can you handle your emotions?
  11. did you enjoy this quiz and do you celebrate valentines day?
  12. goodbye!
  13. come back next time?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Valentine?