If you were a valentine candyheart, what would you say?

have you ever taken the time to actually read the candyhearts and think to urself, "is this me?" lol i hope u dont cuz thats weird, but in this awesomediddly quiz u will see which one u r

Which one are you?? when u get a candy heart out of the box, does it say "be mine" "i luv u!" "call me!" "love bug" "heyy baby" "true love" or "will u be my valentine?"

Created by: M0r6@N

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What ur favorite color?
  2. Do u have a bf?
  3. Whats ur favorite store?
  4. What Color hair do u have?
  5. do u play sports? (on a team)
  6. Who's the cutest/hottest?
  7. Which describes you?
  8. you communicate by:
  9. u wear ur hair:
  10. on a perfect date u would wear:

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