What kind of Valentine are you

Valentine Day is a very special time of the year for many people. Lots of people dream of having that perfect day without taking into consideration the kind of valentine they are for the other person.

Do you have what it takes to be the perfect valentine? Are you a sweetheart? Wonder no longer. Taking this quiz will answer your burning desire to find out.

Created by: amazon of Christ-Teen Magazine
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  1. It is your best friends birthday the day of the big game at school. You really want to go to the game, but your friend asked you to come to her party, instead. You:
  2. Your cousin is visiting. Earlier that day when she arrived it was hot outdoors, but all of a sudden it became could. You:
  3. There is a guy in your class that you really like. You:
  4. Last year on valentines day you received:
  5. This Valentine's Day you will give your valentine:
  6. Which would you rather be doing for yourself?
  7. When you are out eating with friends, you:
  8. Your mother ask you to wash the dishes, you:
  9. I want to be a medical doctor because:
  10. What I crave most is:

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