Mai Valentine Quiz

Do you know Mai Valentine, one of the best duelists in the world. If you think you do, take this quiz to find out. I hope that you know a lot about her and her exciting adventure on the show called Yugioh.

I created this quiz because I wanted to see if anybody else knew as much about her as i do. Take this quiz, please, and enjoy it very much. I hope that you enjoy taking this quiz.

Created by: carl

  1. Who does Mai show feelings for throughout the show?
  2. Who did Mai lose to in the finals at Duelist Kingdom?
  3. Who did Mai lose to in the finals at Battle City?
  4. Which of these duelists has Mai never faced before?
  5. Did Mai fall under Dartz's spell during the Waking the Dragons saga?
  6. Who took Mai's soul during the Waking the Dragons saga?
  7. Which other duelist, besides the first questions answer, has Mai shown feelings for?
  8. Is Mai the greatest female duelist ever?
  9. Did Mai participate in the KC Grand Chapionship?
  10. Which of these duelists has not defeated Mai?

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