Valentine Savy?

Are you a LOVER or LAME? Take this quiz to see just how you really are when it comes to love and being loved. Take the quiz to see if you equal the other Loving folks out there or do you need to take a refresher course in Love 101. There are people out there that need love and deserve love.

Are you a LOVER? Do you have butterflies in your stomach when you see that special someone or do you prefer to run in the other direction? Until now you could only wonder. Take this quiz to find out if you are Valentine's Day material or not.

Created by: Mindy Markham

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  1. 1. Your date shows up with a gift for your first date. You
  2. 2. Your date shows up in a beat up car to pick you up. You
  3. 3. You want to buy a gift for that special person. You buy
  4. 3. You enjoy shopping for that special person
  5. 4. You buy that special person a box of chocolates and
  6. 4. The special someone plans a surprise for you, you
  7. 5. You get teased by your friends about that special someone, you respond by saying
  8. 6. You spend hours making that special gift for that special person
  9. 7. You send a bouquet of flowers to your special someone at their job and cant wait until they call you with excitement.
  10. 8. Your special someone goes to grab your hand at the theater, you

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