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  • So I got Death Eater. . . I am NOT a death eater!

    I AM Dracos girlfriend however, and I promise you I will make him a nicer person. I was the one who convinced him not to kill dumbledore, the biography about Harry just doesn't mention me because he thought making Draco seem more evil was better.

    Selina, your quiz's are awsome! You should make a Yule Ball quiz! (not meaning to advertize, but. . .) I made one! search me, and see my quiz's please! If you take them, please comment!

    gfh01 2

  • The Random Hogwarts Quiz
    Your Result: Order of the Phoenix Member

    Yay!!!! Go and poison Voldemort's egg nog and make the world a better place! Or just scream "AVADA KADAVRA!" at the top of your lungs, pointing at him. I don't care really.

  • Wow...That. Was. Freaking. Awesome.

    Who wants Egg Nog! (Careful, there might be rat poison in it....But I don't know how it would've gotten there!)

  • WHERE'S HARRY WHERE?!?!?!?!?! I LOOVE YOU HARRY!!!! oops i guess i got to crazy there! *sheepish smiles* but still i love harry potter!!! hes my fave character! anyways great quiz!

  • YAY IM A RANDOM STUDENT!! but seriously.. draco malfoy gets a little nicer in the last book so i think you were to harsh on him.. but overall GREAT QUIZ!


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