Could you survive WW2

Have you ever wondred if you could survive WW2? Would you be a Private or a Major or even a... General? Take this quiz to find out! A very cool quiz.

Comes with differnt rankings you can get the highest is General and the lowest is no rank! I hope you'll have a great time taking this wonderful quiz.

Created by: amazon

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are storming the beaches of Normandy and a fellow soldier is pinned down by heavy gun fire you...
  2. You are about to take a village in France. What squad do you go with?
  3. What's your physical condition?
  4. What country would you fight for?
  5. What would your choice weapon be?
  6. Are you good under pressure?
  7. Would you fight in the....
  8. A hostile is charging you with a bayonet you...
  9. Who would you rather serve under?
  10. A grenade is thrown into a room with you, three fellow soldiers and your commanding officer (The one you picked in Q 11) What do you do?

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