Are you the true Bieber Girl

There are many true girls but there are few Bieber girls.Whats a bieber girl?a bieber girl is a girl that is perfect for Justin Bieber. so please take this quiz to see.

there are many girls that are perfect but you're close to being Justin Bieber's girl find out by taking tis quiz to see if you're the true Bieber Girl.

Created by: amazon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color are your eyes?
  2. how tall are you?
  3. What's his dogs name?
  4. What's his Nr. 1 hit single?
  5. What's his full name?
  6. What's your favorite color/Be honest!
  7. When is his b-day?
  8. how old is he?
  9. What's his favorite number?
  10. What's his shoe size?

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Quiz topic: Am I the true Bieber Girl