do you LOVE justin bieber?

there are many girls who say,"omg i just LOVE justin bieber!"but to say you love someone is not only to say but to must prove that you like the other person because words are not enough.

do YOU really love justin bieber? are you sure?take my awesome quiz RIGHT NOW if your POSITIVE!come on! it will only take a few minutes!RUN! your WASTING time just thinking about it!RUN!AHH!

Created by: amazon

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you sometimes cry for justin?
  2. when is justin biebers birthday?
  3. if you were to ever meet justin bieber,what would you do or if you ever met him,what did you do?
  4. have you ever met justin bieber?BE HONEST THIS WILL NOT EFFECT YOUR RESULTS
  5. what do you like best about justin bieber?
  6. if justin bieber asked you out one day,what would you say?
  7. how did justin bieber become famous?
  8. what was justin bieber's first album?
  9. how old is justin bieber now?2011
  10. last question,do you REALLY and HONESTLY like justin bieber?

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Quiz topic: Do I LOVE justin bieber?