How much would Justin Bieber like you?

So if you've never heard of him before, there's this 16 or 17 year old singer called Justin Bieber. He hardly looks older than a baby and he's got a voice like a girl, and he's at least supposed to be a boy. Some teen girls like him and some girls absolutely hate him with all the hate they have.

Do you like or hate Justin Bieber? More to the point - if you met Justin Bieber, would he like or hate you? Until now you could just dread to think that Justin Bieber might like you, or for the fans out there - hate you. Take my quiz and you'll find out.

  1. Do you think he's ugly?
  2. Do you think he's got a voice like a girl?
  3. Do you like the colour purple? (It's his favourite)
  4. When you see his face on the computer or TV, Do you ever get the feeling you want to slap the computer or TV?
  5. The first time you heard the song 'Baby' by Justin Bieber, What did you think?
  6. What did you think the first time you heard 'Never say never'?
  7. Eww... He asks you to marry him...
  8. Have you ever met him?
  9. Are you a prep, chav or popular kid?
  10. What result do you hope to get?
  11. Have ever had / do you have a Justin Bieber *FAN* icon on your profile? Any site.
  12. Do you like his music?

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