Do you hate Justin Bieber?

Many people may say that if you hate him you suck, if you like him you suck if you couldnt care less you also suck. So if you want Justin not to be around then yeah well, I made this quiz to show people that not all of us have ear explosions to his music...

Are YOU a bieber hater? I am, well yeah and its totally okay to be a bieber hater...And also, you know im sick of people making the lover quiz so i decided to be original and have a HATER quiz.. LOL!!!

Created by: Blawline of Umm? I dont have a website!
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  1. Tell me what you would do if you met Justin?
  2. Could you care less if Justin was dead?
  3. True or False: Justin is a cutie
  4. Do you enjoy hearing BABY?
  5. Are you a member of the: BELIEBERS
  6. Is Justin Bieber gay in your eyes?
  7. Justin Bieber, is a lovely singer isn't he?? Yes or no!
  8. Do you think Justin is.... cool?
  9. If Justin touched your lips??
  10. Finally, was this quiz agony having to look at Justins name??

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Quiz topic: Do I hate Justin Bieber?