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    "I left over 2 years ago"
    "im back is there any boby why was on when I was"
  • Sooooo tired..
  • im back
    "its been over a year but im back to see if any of my old friends are still around"
  • heph come hear
    "i came back just to se what was going on and saw u made a thread about me i wasnt making it a big deal you just need to learn to read all i ..."
  • wtf guys? SERIOSLY?
  • wtf guys? SERIOSLY?
    "ozzy i know and i realy wanted to meet you i took a lot of your quizes ive ben waiting to talk to you every since u got hear but lok for tif..."
  • wtf guys? SERIOSLY?
    "im leaving u guys dont need me and u that all of the noobs r me i need to be with my people they care about my secret and love me even tho i..."
  • wtf guys? SERIOSLY?
    "dont cry im gone u barely knew me"
  • wtf guys? SERIOSLY?
    "what is this u guys get a satanic noob or an outlandish one and there me till proven other wize dang but anyways good news u guys wont be se..."
  • Come here
    "no one could find it could they?? :( typical"
  • Come here
    "i want the first time me and k wilson met to i can email it to him cuz i think im nlove i keep having dreams we get maried"
  • Come here
  • Come here
    "hey will u guys go to my newest thread please its realy important"
  • "will you go back in the forums and look for when me and k wilsn first met it may be on more than one thread but please after we met we promi..."

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