what tarrot card are you most like

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a lot of people look upon tarrot cards for a forcast on there day or is some one has a secret or even there futer but whitch card are u the fool majition wheel or tower thay r many more besides these r most commonly known

what tarrot card fits youre personality the best i only chose 4 of the most common to make it easyer to look up more info on youre very special card..

Created by: sister of azazel

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ok you get busted with drugs what do you do
  2. you have found a puppy you want at the pet store u go back the next day and its gone what do u do
  3. pick what fits you best
  4. youre surroundings are
  5. half way done
  6. what u think u r
  7. ok im like blank its late i dont no what to ask
  8. still blank
  9. pik one
  10. last question

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Quiz topic: What tarrot card am I most like