are you emo or goth

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a lot of people get emo and goth confuzed but thay are a big difference almost the exact oppisite of each other witch one are you and did you even realize it 65% of people are one or the other

are you a nice caring emo that will help others before you would your self or the exact opicite a free for all goth that puts themself first and will distroy any and everyone in your way take this quiz and find out you may be suprized

Created by: sister of azazel

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  1. your hair is
  2. your music mostly represents
  3. your temper is
  4. your vew of a young childs birthday party (very important question)
  5. would you buy clothes toys or games for a 2 year old
  6. would you give your life to save some one that you hate?
  7. your best friend has just got a.i.d.s and thay are dying you warend them before it happend and thay didnt listen if you donate a little blood it will give them some more time would you?
  8. do u care what others think of you (also very importiant question)
  9. you go to the doctor for a reguler check up and he messes up and now youre paralized for the rest of your life and you have a marathon tomaro u can never run now that u worked extreamly hard for and sacrificed soo mutch for
  10. favorite word
  11. some one tells you a joke or does a prank that insults you

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Quiz topic: Am I emo or goth