should you be a goth

Hi, if your'e thinking about taking this quiz i think you should know what it's about, this quiz determines your'e personality aswell as weither you should become a goth or not, if it turns you should be a goth then it means that youv'e got a spooky personality if it turns out you shouldn't be a goth then you've got a fun sense of humuor, you get it?

So now we've got that sorted why don't we get the quiz started' this fabuluos quiz is just a click away!

Created by: hannah

  1. whats your'e favorite colour out of these?
  2. what animal do you like best out of these?
  3. what would you normally wear on a necklace?
  4. if you had to die your'e hair what colour would you die it?
  5. what kind of things would you rather read?
  6. if you created a theme house what would the theme be?
  7. whats your favorite lipgloss colour?
  8. what sounds like the best movie for you to watch out of these?
  9. what would you rather wear on your arms?
  10. are you always wearing black?

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Quiz topic: Should I be a goth