Which colour am I?

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Do you want to know what colour your personality represents? Take this really fun and surprisingly accurate quiz and in just a few clicks you will know!

Are you yellow, the colour of happiness and freedom? Are you red, the colour of confidence and leadership? Are you green, the colour of intelligence and curiosity or re you pink, the colour of friendliness?

Created by: Ilovedogs17

  1. Which is your favourite colour?
  2. Which best describes you?
  3. Pick an animal.
  4. Pick a quote.
  5. What are you like at parties?
  6. What’s your favourite school subject?
  7. Pick a film genre.
  8. Pick an emoji.
  9. I can stay calm under pressure.
  10. Pick a flower
  11. What would you do if you won a lot of money?
  12. Pick an element.
  13. Pick a planet.
  14. Pick a music genre.

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