Are you a goth?

goths are people who wear dark clothes, but not all the time. there are many ways to express the ways of being goth, and as you dont have to be creepy looking. it can be the other way around, you dress in dark clothes but your a real sweet person.

are you goth? do you want to be? do you think you are? take this quiz to find out. 13 questions, but all worth it! find out, and i promise it will take a minute.

Created by: Sevita

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  1. You're parents ask you what you want for you're birthday. you say...
  2. it is movie night with your friends. what you recommend to them?
  3. a kid just stole your candy. you would say...
  4. your going to the history muesiem with your mom and your dad. you would say to yourself...
  5. ok, then your parents force you into the musiem. so, you want to make your self amazed and what would be your pick?
  6. you would like to be a goth?
  7. would you say you are goth?
  8. do you like this quiz?
  9. whats your favorite color agian?
  10. pain makes me feel good

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Quiz topic: Am I a goth?