r u alzo the anti prep

a lot of people hate preps but you may be one and not even know it dude wouldent wouldent want that would you so take this quiz to find out if you are an anti prep

are you an anti prep do u hate school and hate cheerleading maby even hate other people or are you just a poser so try my quiz and find out dude .....

Created by: sister of azazel

  1. do u wear ribbons if ur a dude there will b some questions for u just hold on
  2. do u say things sutch as like totaly,repeted omgs,whatever,or put e at the end of ur words like its a fishie or dearie
  3. r u r have u ever been a cheer leader
  4. ok if theres any DUDES left this ones for u do u play any school sports ANY SCHOOL SPORTS
  5. r u in plan to be in r ever was in colorgurd if by forse say no
  6. do u like justin beber
  7. r u a "teachers pet"
  8. have u ever cussed a teacher
  9. have u ever ben suspended from scool
  10. do people often call u a snob r prep
  11. pick a phraze u like best r is closest to what u would say
  12. do u often try to be proper and exact with ur wording like magenta,indigo,opaque,grosery store,or terqoize
  13. do u often corect peoples speetch sutch as i say aint u tap me on my sun burned sholder carelessly and say isnt

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